Sunridge Eye Clinic understands how important vision is to your quality of life. We are a family eye care practice serving children, adults and seniors. We offer:

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Your vision is priceless. That’s why your eyes are deserving of the highest standards of care and treatment. Our eye care professionals provide exceptional service using the latest in vision technology to deliver the most accurate eye exams and innovative eye health solutions in Calgary.

We take great pride in our profession and all of our eye clinics are equipped with the latest advances in eye care technology. Our optometrists have the expertise and technical skill to detect serious eye diseases. From infants to seniors, we not only ensure the quality of vision but the quality of life.

Our services include:

  • Eye exams
  • Digital Imaging
  • Contact Lens Fitting
  • Family Eye Care
  • Contact Lens Reordering
  • Pre and Post Operative Care
  • Treatment of Certain Eye Conditions
  • Disease Management
And much more!

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Sunridge Eye Clinic Services

Contact Lens Fitting Calgary

Contact Lens Fitting

At Sunridge Eye Clinic, we fit all types of contact lenses. These include disposables, multifocal, extended wear and hard lenses. Whether you wear contact lenses regularly or wish to try them for the first time, our highly qualified optometrists can fit you with the most comfortable lenses, suited to your specific needs.   A Contact Lens Fitting Includes: Contact Lens Prescription: The prescription between your eyeglasses and contact lenses will differ. It even varies depending on the brand of contacts you choose. We can determine your correct contact prescription to ensure…

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Eye Emergencies Calgary

Eye Emergencies

If you are experiencing an ocular emergency such as an eye injury or infection, contact Sunridge Eye Clinic in Calgary for urgent care. Our optometrists offer innovative and prompt emergency eye care and are highly trained in the medical management of ocular emergencies. Our state of the art equipment allows our eye­care professionals to accommodate many eye emergencies, including: Foreign body removals. Conjunctivitis (pink eye). Sore, red or itchy eyes. Eye infections, allergies or burns. Eye trauma. Scratched eyes. Sudden loss of vision in one or both…

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Dry Eye Care Calgary

Dry Eye Care

What is Dry Eye Syndrome? Did you know that dry eye is a common syndrome, found in approximately 30% of Canadian adults? DRY EYE SYMPTOMS Itchy eyes Sore eyes Tearing Redness Burning sensation Eye fatigue Gritty feeling Contact lens discomfort   Not only does dry eye syndrome create discomfort but, if left untreated, it can cause much more serious ocular issues such as vision loss or eye infections. If you have prolonged symptoms of dry eyes, including tired or painful eyes, book an appointment…

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Laser Eye Surgery Consultation Calgary

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

Laser eye surgery is an effective and safe solution for patients seeking to correct their vision permanently and eliminating their dependence on eyeglasses and contact lenses. It can be used to treat ocular issues such as: Myopia (Nearsightedness) Hyperopia (Farsightedness) Astigmatism Advantages of Laser Eye Surgery Laser eye surgery is a relatively quick (15-30 minute) procedure with a low risk of complication. Many patients have discovered a significant improvement in the quality of their life following laser eye surgery as it has many benefits, including: Instant…

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