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It’s highly recommended that your child have his/her first vision test at 6 months of age. Visual abilities play a key role in development and our optometrists are able to complete a comprehensive eye exam even if your child doesn’t know the alphabet yet.

While for the first 6 months, it’s normal for your infant’s eyes to appear slightly crossed, if this persists, you should contact our eye clinic immediately. If left untreated, this condition may result in the development of a lazy eye, which can lead to significant vision loss.

Our goal is to protect your child’s vision. Our eye specialists provide child-friendly eye exams using shapes and pictures to accurately assess the eye health of your infant. Seniors


Your child should undergo at least one eye exam between the ages of 2-5.

At this stage of development, eye care is crucial as visual abilities are key to successful hand-eye coordination and depth perception skills.

There are certain symptoms you can watch out for to help keep your child’s vision comfortable and safe. These include:

  • Red eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Squinting
  • Excessive blinking or rubbing
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Lack of concentration

If your child is displaying any of these symptoms, book a vision test appointment today with our friendly and caring pediatric optometrists.

School-Age Children

Because vision plays such a crucial role in learning, it’s recommended that all school children undergo annual eye exams.

Your child may not realize that they have a vision problem, so it’s important to be aware of symptoms indicating a potential vision problem. These include:

  • Headaches
  • Constant rubbing of eyes
  • Angling the head/Unusual Posture
  • Using a finger to keep their place while reading
  • Performing below their potential

We offer a range of comprehensive, full eye exams to help protect your child’s vision, including prompt emergency eye care.

We screen for conditions which may emerge during this stage of your child’s life, including:

Your child should have at least one vision test between the ages of 2-5 and yearly after starting school.


Regularly scheduled eye exams are important not just for your vision but also for your overall health. During eye exams, our qualified optometrists are able to discover any underlying issues such as high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes and even brain tumors.

It’s recommended that adults between the ages of 19-64 should have an eye exam at least once every two years.

If you notice any sudden changes in your vision, you should book an eye exam as soon as possible.

We also offer a range of affordable, safe and effective eye care solutions for various ocular problems including:


As you age, you will inevitably experience a variety of changes involving your eye health and vision. Adults who are over the age of 60 are at a higher risk of certain eye diseases including:

We provide a range of eye care services to help detect and manage such ocular problems such

as cataract management and diabetic retinal screenings.

To help us best protect your eye health, we recommend that our senior patients undergo a comprehensive vision test at least once a year.

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