Eye Emergencies

If you are experiencing an ocular emergency such as an eye injury or infection, contact Sunridge Eye Clinic in Calgary for urgent care.

Our optometrists offer innovative and prompt emergency eye care and are highly trained in the medical management of ocular emergencies.

Our state of the art equipment allows our eye­care professionals to accommodate many eye emergencies, including:

  • Foreign body removals.
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye).
  • Sore, red or itchy eyes.
  • Eye infections, allergies or burns.
  • Eye trauma.
  • Scratched eyes.
  • Sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes.
  • Dislodged contact lenses.

What Not To Do In an Eye Emergency

If you are experiencing an eye injury, DO NOT:

  • Apply pressure or rub your eye
  • Try to remove any foreign objects
  • Use tweezers or other tools in your eyes.
  • Put medications in your eyes

Never attempt to self­diagnose an eye­health problem. There are many serious ocular complications which can arise from an eye emergency which is why you should contact a qualified optometrist immediately

Eye Emergency Care at Sunridge Eye Clinic

If you or someone in your family is experiencing an ocular emergency, it’s extremely important to visit our clinic as soon as possible.

Proactive diagnoses and treatment from our eye care specialists will:

  • Prevent vision loss.Prevent the spread of contagious infections such as pink eye.
  • Reduce your pain and discomfort.
  • Allow for quicker healing.

We are always willing to help in the case of an eye emergency and are ready to look after ALL your eye care needs.

If you are experiencing an ocular emergency of any kind, contact us immediately at 403.280.7518

*** Alberta Health Care covers all emergency eye care visits to Sunridge Eye Clinic ***

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