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June 2022
Eye Injury Prevention Month Common Eye Injuries In Children And What To Do

Eye Injury Prevention Month: Common Eye Injuries In Children And What To Do

5 Common Eye Injuries In Children And How To Treat Them 1. Black Eye A direct hit or trauma to the face can result in a black eye. High contact sports such as football, lacrosse, and soccer pose a higher chance of a contact injury that results. . .


March 2022
Sunridge Eye clinic - Blog - Protect Your Vision At Work

Workplace Eye Awareness Month: Protect Your Vision At Work

Protecting Your Eye Health Regular Eye Exams If you are working a job such as welder or lab technician that involves hazards that can potentially cause damage to your eyes, it is important that you visit your eye doctor for regular comprehensive. . .


October 2021
Sunridge Eye clinic - Blog - Eye Inflammation

Eye Inflammation: Signs, Symptoms, And How to Treat It

If you have symptoms of vision loss, pain, and flashing lights in your eyes, you could be experiencing eye inflammation. See an optometrist immediately to have your condition diagnosed and to begin treatment to manage your condition as soon as. . .


Eye Dilation Tests Help Detect Retinal Detachment

Eye Dilation Tests Help Detect Retinal Detachment

Pain is not a symptom of retinal detachment, which explains why some patients may not be aware of their condition when it occurs. Instead, look for the sudden appearance of floaters and flashes of light一telltale signs of retinal. . .


September 2021
Sunridge Eye Clinic | Blog | 3 Eye Emergencies An Optometrist Can Help With

3 Eye Emergencies An Optometrist Can Help With

Eye emergencies refer to any sudden onset of symptoms or obvious eye trauma that affects vision. They can range from severe eye pain to sudden vision loss or chemical exposure. Without proper treatment from an optometrist, eye injuries can lead to. . .


January 2021
Woman who needs eye emergency care - Calgary eye clinic

5 Common Eye Emergencies and How to Handle Them

Whether it’s eye trauma or a chemical injury, knowing what to do during an eye emergency is critical to protecting your ocular health and preventing any vision loss. Here are some of the most common types of eye emergencies, how to handle them,. . .


October 2020
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13 Surefire Signs It's Time to See an Emergency Eye Doctor

Are you experiencing sudden changes to your vision such as light sensitivity, blurriness, pain, or redness? Here are some surefire signs that you need to visit your Calgary eye doctor for emergency eye care. One of the most essential things you. . .


May 2020
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How to Lower Your Child's Risk of Eye Injuries

Any injury to your child’s eye should be considered an emergency, and you must seek immediate care from your Calgary eye doctor. Here are some of the signs of eye emergencies to watch out for and some simple steps you can take to protect your. . .


October 2019

3 Signs You Must Visit Your Emergency Eye Doctor Immediately

Are you experiencing sudden changes in your vision such as eye pain, blurriness, or increased light sensitivity? Here are 3 reasons why people seek out the services of an emergency eye doctor. Your eyes are one of your most important and. . .


June 2019

5 Signs You Have an Ocular Emergency and How to Handle It

Are you experiencing changes to your vision, eye pain, or redness? Here are 5 sure-fire signs that you should seek emergency eye care straight away. Our eyes are an important part of our health, which is why it’s so important to schedule. . .


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