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November 2021
Eye Exams Doctors Use To Diagnose Colour Blindness|Calgary Optometrist

Eye Exams That Help Eye Doctors Diagnose Colour Blindness

Your optometrist can help determine if you have colour blindness by performing some simple tests. Colour blindness tests are used to determine two things: if a person has colour blindness the severity of the colour blindness Eye Exams. . .


April 2021
Sunridge Eye Clinic_Children Eye Exam

Children's Eye Exams: What You Need To Know

As parents we comfort our children so they aren’t scared, we calm their fears, and we say time and time again that everything is going to be ok. But if you suspect your child has vision issues you may be in need of some reassurance. Whether you. . .


February 2021
Calgary Kids Eye Doctor | Sunridge Eye Clinic

5 Main Tests Performed During a Children's Eye Exam

One of the best ways for parents to protect their infant’s eyes is by scheduling regular eye exams with an optometrist. If your child does display symptoms of a vision condition, it can be diagnosed early on and its impact minimized. Here’s what. . .


January 2021
Calgary Kids Eye Doctor | Sunridge Eye Clinic

7 Simple Steps to Help Protect Your Child's Vision

Children are constantly developing. Clear eyesight is an important part of their growth and must be maintained from an early age. From scheduling regular visits to see your kid’s eye doctor to eating a healthy diet, here are some simple ways you. . .


December 2020
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Eye Exams for Children and Adults: How They Differ

Both children and adults can be affected by refractive errors, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, and serious eye diseases, which is why having regular eye exams, no matter your age, is so important. Here’s the difference between adult and. . .


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