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August 2021
Sunridge Eye clinic - Dry Eye syndrome

How A Doctor Of Optometry Diagnosis Dry Eye Syndrome

How Does An Optometrist Diagnose Dry Eye Symptoms? The diagnosis of dry eye syndrome is based on a combination of tests and patient-reported symptoms. There are many factors and underlying causes of dry eye syndrome, therefore, a complete health. . .


July 2021
Sunridge Eye Clinic | At Home Remedies To Help Alleviate Dry Eye Symptoms

At Home Remedies To Help Alleviate Dry Eye Symptoms

Home Remedies That Will Help Alleviate Your Dry Eye Symptoms Adopting lifestyle changes or seeking simple at-home remedies is a great start to help treat the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. However, if your condition continues or begins to worsen,. . .


March 2021
Sunridge Eye Clinic Calgary

The Signs Of Dry Eyes You Need To Know And How To Treat Them

Dry eyes can be undeniably and overwhelmingly bothersome. Although there are simple solutions available to alleviate dry eyes, most Albertans do not seek dry eye treatment. Not only is there effective relief from aggravating parched eyes, but. . .


December 2020
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4 Reasons Why Wearing Sunglasses in the Winter Is So Important

Now that winter is upon us, you might think that it’s no longer necessary to wear your sunglasses — but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are four reasons why wearing your sunglasses during this colder season is so. . .


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